SipTwinCities Brewery Trail

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Over $100 in Deals at 12 Breweries in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Winter Special
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How "SipTrails" Work

SipAround Coupon Email
1. Receive Coupons via Email
After you buy a SipTrail, you receive an email with your coupons

Redeeming SipAround Coupon
2. Bartender Verifies Coupon
Simply show the email to the bartender and they verify your coupon

Verified SipAround Coupon
3. Enjoy Discounted Beer!

Once your coupon is verified, start sipping!

Deals on this SipTrail

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pints
($5 to $10 value per coupon)
56 Brewing
Tin Whiskers Brewing
Omni Brewing
Venn Brewing
Pryes Brewing

Broken Clock Brewing
Fair State Brewing
Bent Brewstillery

Flat Earth Brewing
Big Wood Brewery

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Flights
($10 to $20 value per coupon)
Lake Monster Brewing
Sociable Cider Werks


How long do I have to use the digital coupons?
This SipTrail includes deals that are valid between July 1, 2018 and July 1, 2019. So use them before 7/1/19 and you'll be good!

How do I give this SipTrail as a gift?
You simply buy a SipTrail and forward the list of coupons to the giftee's email! Make sure to join them on their brewery visits so they can get you a beer to say thanks!